Pic du Midi: Walking in the clouds on the Pontoon in the Sky

The Pontoon in the Sky is the latest attraction at the Pic du Midi in the French Pyrenees.

Anyone who has been to the Step into the Void the glass box high above Chamonixat The Aiguille du Midi will know the drill.

Whereas you are indoors and wearing slippers in Chamonix, here you are exposed to the elements as you walk out on the metal walkway above the clouds.

At the end of the pontoon, for good measure, is a glass floor to complete that dizzying feeling.

The Pontoon, which opened in February 2018, adds to a stunning few hours at the top of the world – at 2877m, the Pic du Midi gives 360 degree views of the Pyrenees and is the perfect place to see the sun rise or set.

Pic du Midi cable car
Pic du Midi cable car

The 12-minute ride up from La Mongie in the cable car – or rather cable cars as you have to change halfway up – is an adventure all by itself.

At the top, take your time to take in the views from the large terraces but dress up warm as as the wind can be cutting.

Unlike The Aiguille du Midi – which can feel a little claustrophobic with its narrow walkways – this is open with plenty of space to wander around.

Entry to the summit is 38 euros for adults and 23 for children – but those with a Grand Tourmalet ski pass can use that to gain free entry.

There are other options to make your trip to the top more special, including evening tours and talks (mainly in French) about its history as an observatory and weather station, evening dining and overnight stays that are restricted to 27 people per night in its 15 bedrooms.

Full details and prices at the Pic du Midi website.


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